Classes and Fees

Cost per session varies how many minutes and if its a course.

  • 60 minutes class $10 per session
  • 75 minutes class $12 per session( discounted if paying 8-10 class in advance)
  • 90-120 minutes class $13 per session(discounted if paying 8-10 class in advance)
  • 120 minutes class are for regular yoga practitioners Drop in cost $15 for drop in visiting students
  • Discounted fee only offered to those who pays in advance and can commit to once or 2 x a week practice.
  • Bulk payments are only valid (8-10 class paid)up to max. 9 weeks from the first class. 4 class paid upfront only valid within the month.
  • Tala offers yoga class to those sincerely want to experience long term benefit of attending Iyengar yoga. Talk to Tala for discounts. Unemployed yoga practitioners who wants to continue, Khmer or foreign email Tala to discuss paying in kind.
  • The need for private sessions varies from one student to the other. Discuss your need with Tala. Minimum is 10x class valid for 9 weeks.

Whether Starter class or private sessions you are interested in doing please write to Teacher via email or messanger.
For updated class schedule follow us: YOGA RASA Iyengar yoga send a message on Facebook.

Monthly payments are available for student who made a plan to attend multiple class. However, if you fail to attend the class you have paid for the teacher will not be hold responsible. All paid classes are valid only within the month. All paid classes for 2 months is valid for 3 months and vice versa. Advance payment gives good discount.