The Studio

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Classes at the Studio focus mainly on asana, or posture. There are numerous asanas developed over the ages to exercise every nerve, gland and muscle in the body. Their practice develops balance, agility, endurance and vitality. They help keep the body healthy, reduce tiredness and soothe the nerves, but they also help to train and discipline the mind, developing steadiness and discernment.


Students are given detailed instruction on how to do poses and support that is tailored to their individual needs. ‘Props’ such as blocks and belts are sometimes used to teach certain actions or help students achieve poses or stay in them for longer.



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Students are asked to arrive 10 minutes to have enough time to set up their yoga props and spend couple of minutes to let go of the outside world and prepare the mind and body for yoga studies. Everyone must be on time as the chanting is a start of the class.

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