Iyengar Yoga for Lower Back Pain

The study documents the positive effects of Iyengar Yoga to individuals suffering from Chronic Back Pain during a limited time of practice.

Yoga Therapy Intervention

The yoga therapy intervention is based on the teachings of BKS Iyengar who has taught yoga for 70 years and has applied therapeutic variations of classical poses to many health problems including CLBP (Iyengar, 1976). It was posited that Iyengar yoga therapy would progressively rehabilitate LBP by addressing imbalances in the musculoskeletal system that affect spinal alignment and posture. The wide range of postures and supportive props employed by this method serve to enhance alignment, flexibility, mobility and stability in all muscles and joints that affect spinal alignment and posture. A variety of props are used including sticky mats, belts, blocks, chairs, wall ropes, benches, boxes, stools, trestler and weights. These props are used to provide external support, to facilitate relaxation, to provide traction and to bring awareness to a specific regions of the body. Many muscle groups are targeted by Iyengar yoga with the aim of lengthening constricted or stiff muscles and strengthening core postural muscles that are underutilized including muscles of the abdomen, diaphragm, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip adductors and lateral rotators, buttocks, muscles of the lumbar and thoracic areas of the back.

Asanas Used In Yoga Therapy