BACK TO THE STUDIO (in person yoga class)

Tala will start re-opening her in person yoga class starting Sunday, 6th of September after a long pause due to covid-19. First, to resume one class a week, the 11am Sunday class, then progressively add the usual 6.30pm Tuesday & or Thursday classes.

Previous students are welcome to this in person class provided she or he has been tested negative from covid-19 and or strictly practiced and will continue to practice social distancing.

We understand that some students have not attended Talas online class for some reason, but glad to say that all level of flexibility is welcome in the this Sunday “re-opening” class to gently restore the bodys suplleness and flexibility.

4 week classes are prepaid ,valid to use within the month. To join the class please make advance booking to Talas studio facebook page: YOGA RASA Iyengar yoga

6-27 September class: $50 fee

YOGA RASA Iyengar yoga home studio implements a strict covid-19 safety protocol.

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